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The Problem With Traditional Self-Defense Education

The other day I was having a conversation with my son. He graduated from college about 2 years ago and he said something that stuck with me… He told me that he has learned more from his work than he did in college. This is coming from a kid who had a 3.8

Self Defense and Your Expectations

When you look at this picture, which guy needs self defense? If you found yourself in the above situation, what would you do? Your response will show your self defense expectations and where you see yourself in violence. It’s an inkblot test, or one of those optical illusions where you can see either a

A Self Defense Tool Is Just A Tool

Why use a handgun, or a baseball bat as a tool? Your chances of being accidentally effective increase with the use of a self defense tool. The tool doesn’t increase your skill or your accuracy; it only magnifies the trauma when you do manage to line things up just right. With this perspective,

The Ultimate Self Defense Fighting Technique

The ultimate, undefeatable secret self-defense fighting technique doesn’t exist. Sorry. After eons of tearing into each other, it’s all been done, cataloged and trained. Ad nauseam. There is, literally, nothing new under the sun. What we do have from all that awful R&D is a vast spew of systems, styles, traditions, paths and

Learn Self Defense – The Definition of Violence

This may sound obvious, but when it comes time to learn self defense, you’ll need to understand that there a lot of things violence is not. It is not a particularly rough cage-match; it is not a bar fight where everyone’s sharing beers ten minutes later; it’s not getting your nose bloodied. Many

Self Defense Training Vs MMA Training

Asking about self defense training and MMA training, R. R. writes in: “My concern is facing someone who is trained in MMA or some reality-based system. I’ve already had an altercation with a MMA guy and even though he didn’t beat me up he still got an ankle lock while I was standing

Do Self Defense Lessons Like TFT Really Work?

Regardless of your experience in self defense lessons, you may have already had the dream: at a park in daylight, with children, or a dark close-in space like an alley, or, the one I remember most vividly, a seedy gas station… regardless of the setting, they come for you. Many or just one,

Simple Steps To Not Becoming A Holiday Crime Statistic

Consequences are not a thing of the past. Very few people open their mouths (or pound a keyboard) these days and think beyond the impulse that causes them to vomit out pithy little insults, clever barbs, and other types of unpleasant communication. It’s the age of social media and it’s now the norm,

3 Super Effective Self Defense Moves from Target Focus Training

“Well, okay, so just give me 3 things I can do that get results, like, immediately?” It’s probably the most asked question I get. It happened again on Monday and since Tuesday we were shooting some random short video clips I decided to give you my choice of 3 things anyone could do

Every Conflict Is Won Or Lost With This One Weapon

“Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.” ~ Mark Twain To truly prepare yourself for life or death confrontations you must take inventory of those weapons readily available to you. When my trainers ask new clients to list the “weapons” at

Why You Want To Work Out With Ex-Felons

Driving? Hate to read? Listen to this post on Soundcloud: Even titans fall prey to the Grim Reaper… I got word last week that my friend, Charles Poliquin, passed away at 57. He had a genetic condition that caught up with him but more on that later. If you don’t recognize the name,

Jeff Anderson Interviews Tim Larkin About When Violence Is The Answer

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Jeff Anderson about my new book: When Violence Is The Answer. Jeff is a long-time friend and Target Focus Training supporter. This interview was created for Jeff’s podcast (which I recommend). We go over many concepts of the book that is available on Amazon

Dealing With An Active Shooter

Active Shooter scenarios are among the most terrifying type of attack someone could endure. We are constantly reminded that this type of attack can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Taking responsibility for your own self-protection must include understanding this type of attack, and what your options/responses should be. As a short introduction here’s how

Mother Brutally Attacked On Video – What Went Wrong?

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post that briefly talked about a disturbing home invasion where a male intruder mercilessly assaulted a mother in front of her young 3 year old daughter. It was caught on video, but I never gave it the review it deserved. With Mother’s Day coming this Sunday

What Do You Do During A Car Jacking?

We’re shooting new video training series in a couple weeks. Around these longer filming sessions I’d like to include several shorter videos that demonstrate the “application” of TFT principles & methodologies versus teaching new strikes or coordination sets. Some of these could be very short – 5 to 10 minutes. Others will be

Response To Video of Brutal Attack On Mother

Yesterday, I shared a video of a brutal attack on a mother while her daughter watched. I asked everyone watching what they thought about the video and what they thought went wrong for this mother during the attack. Watch my video response to all the comments and leave your own. Get Our Special Mother’s

Your Biggest Question About Lethal Force And The Law

Get $100 Off Justified Lethal Force Now! Enter your questions and comments below. DISCLAIMER: I am not an attorney and neither is anyone commenting below. Do not take anything I or any commenter says as legal advice. More Information on Self Defense and The Law from TFT Master Instructor and Attorney, Matt Suitor

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Books by Tim Larkin

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