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Jeff Anderson Interviews Tim Larkin About When Violence Is The Answer

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Jeff Anderson about my new book: When Violence Is The Answer. Jeff is a long-time friend and Target Focus Training supporter. This interview was created for Jeff’s podcast (which I recommend). We go over many concepts of the book that is available on Amazon here.
In this interview, you will learn:

  • How the Average Joe’s & Jane’s understanding of “violence” is creating easy targets for society’s asocial predators! (Don’t fall into these same traps!)
  • The key difference between “social aggression” and “asocial violence”… and how it holds the secret to developing your kill-or-be-killed mindset!
  • Why today’s criminals are (shockingly) often SMARTER than you are… and how to attend their “school” so you can know what they know!
  • The first steps you MUST follow in order to “harden your mind” and take the fight to your enemy!
  • How throwing a football and stomping a soda can help you master hand-to-hand combat without endless hours of practice or going broke!


To you and your family’s continued personal safety,

Tim Larkin
Creator & Founder,
Target Focus Training

P.S. Please leave your comments about the video or this blog post below. Thanks.

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