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3 Super Effective Self Defense Moves from Target Focus Training

“Well, okay, so just give me 3 things I can do that get results, like, immediately?”

It’s probably the most asked question I get.

It happened again on Monday and since Tuesday we were shooting some random short video clips I decided to give you my choice of 3 things anyone could do and get instantaneous results.

And impress people in the process.

I’ve included the video below. It’s only 9 minutes so it won’t take you long to watch.

As you’ll see it takes me just the first 3 minutes to demonstrate those 3 moves I promised.

Now it’s possible you’ve seen me talk about these movements before.

Even if you have I urge you to watch to the end.

Because many people don’t understand the nuances I’ll discuss.

Like that knife that pops in at 3:15… and why at 4:20 I explain you must ignore it (seriously).

See everyone likes to show you self-defense techniques. Do x if this happens; or y if that happens instead.

But none of these truly jive with what happens when facing REAL violence.

For that you must understand the other half of the equation… the trauma inside the human body.

Because without the entire picture, as I explain at about 8:00, there are consequences:

  1. You won’t correctly understand what you must do to save your own life, and
  2. You may accidentally harm – even kill – when it wasn’t justified and/or that wasn’t your intent.

Here is the video:

Look, I understand why people ask me for something that’ll give ‘em results fast. They’re not interested in details.

It’s why most self-defense instruction comes with NO explanation of consequences whatsoever.

For that, you must understand the PRINCIPLES behind what you’re doing…

…So you know how to save your life and avoid doing something that wasn’t justified.

And that’s what Target Focus Training is about.

TFT is the only program that gives you the complete picture… from guiding principles to simple movements that cause injury through targeting. And all with explanations “why.”

By the way, if you liked the video above The TFT Survival Pack is a great place to start the principles of reality-based self protection.

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