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Extreme Close Combat Shooting


First-ever video release into the civilian world of a new, ‘extreme’ personal-protection system that’s taken the worldwide Spec Ops community by storm.

Shows you how to work with a firearm or other weapon in extreme close quarters. Parallels almost all of TFT’s basic Principles. This is the first time in over 20 years of teaching personal protection at the highest, most-lethal levels I’ve ever recommended another instructor’s program.

After Being Forced To Choke A Taliban Leader To Death With His Bare Hands During A Nighttime Raid…

This Elite Australian Commando Realized His Close-Combat Firearms Training Had Utterly Failed Him!

Surviving through sheer instinct, he vowed to “fix” the training…and today the entire worldwide Special Forces community begs him to teach them his system…

Now, because of my inside connection with this man, you can get your hands on the first-ever-released video footage of his “Extreme” personal-protection system:

DVD #1: Introduction & Targeting (TFT)

We introduce you to JJ and Taff, explain a bit about how this all came about, then dive into what you’re going to see.

Because this course integrates hand-to-hand with weapons training, we begin with an introduction to TFT principles of causing injury using only your body.

Then JJ takes over -taking you deep into the true source of fear, and the mindset that warriors utilize to nullify it in life-or-death combat scenarios.

At the highest levels, professional soldiers use fear to their advantage by transferring it to their enemies. Surprising to many, JJ shows why everyone can follow this model achieve true freedom and peace of mind.

DVD #2: ICC Principles

Next is a powerhouse DVD that sets the stage for everything that follows as both JJ and Taff take you through all 5 of the critical principles that ICC is founded upon.

You’ll learn why, armed or not, it’s a critical mistake to view you and your weapon as separate entities. And instead, understand the functional relationship between tools, aggression, and weapons systems.

In a stark, compellingly authentic discourse, JJ conveys what it’s like to be a “hunter of men,” and how you can benefit from adopting a warriors mindset in the presence of a violent attack.

Can you walk and fire rounds at the same time? With accuracy? Probably not by a warrior’s standards.

In this DVD JJ and Taff take the class through time-tested drills designed to perfect this critical skill.

Finally, they begin to bridge the gap between theory and application. First up, the “Kinetic Phase” concept, which calls into question the traditional martial arts technique of generating power from the hips.

DVD #3: Draw sequence & Extreme Close Shooting

On DVD3 these guys show that when your life is on the line, it’s time to hit the “Kinetic Trigger.

Here JJ and Taff explain what it is, why it works, and when to deploy it.

Then you’ll dive deep into the intricacies of the draw sequence. There are four stages, but they must be performed in the correct sequence. You’ll understand it the way only someone who’s spent time on the battlefield can convey it.

In the final segment, you’ll learn the subtle yet critical differences between primary and secondary weapons. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the entire training, this completely disrupted everyone’s beliefs on exactly what ‘primary’ weapon actually means. Get this distinction wrong, and you die in battle.

And I’m sure you’ve already guessed, it’s NO different whatsoever on the street. THIS one segment is worth the entire price of the DVD set.


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