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This FAQ section will be updated as we see a ‘trend’ of questions to Tim Larkin or our Customer Service Team. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our TFT Team at [email protected] or [email protected]

This is the #1 question we receive.
We’ve addressed the issue of liability many times in emails and on the TFT blog over the years.

Matt Suitor, TFT Master Instructor and lawyer recently wrote the OVERVIEW OF VIOLENCE AND THE LAW as an update to all the blogs posted in previous years. It should be used as a guide to understand how the law views humans injuring humans Here are previous posts to the TFT blog by Tim Larkin and Master Instructor, Chris Ranck-Buhr:

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Self-Defense Q&A: “Justifying the use of violence after the fact?”
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Freezing up has to do with the brain entering unfamiliar territory and having no information on how to deal with the current situation. If you train for physical violence this will not be the case—you’ll know what to do if it goes physical. If it doesn’t go physical, no harm done. If it does, you’re in your element. Either way you are prepared.
SLOW DOWN, speed can lead to causing unintentional injury. Your training partner has offered their body as a tool for you to learn from, be respectful of that offering and take care of your reaction partner.

Like any type of training that involves ‘doing’ something to another person, practice with someone is always better. Having said that, there are several ways to learn this material on your own:

Watch the DVDs more than once, the more repetition the better, the movements are simple enough that your subconscious can and will pick them up.

You CAN practice this by yourself. Basically just imagine something similar to ‘shadow boxing.’ Picture an imaginary person attacking you, and you very slowly, deliberately doing what you learned.

Finally, don’t under estimate who can act as a ‘reaction partner’ for you. All you need is someone to stand there and allow you to go through the movements. It takes NO skill on their part, or real effort. They are NOT resisting you or sparring with you or fighting against you. TFT training is very different from any other self-defense training. The reaction partner’s sole function is to let you ‘use’ their body as a training tool.

Our training is all done very, VERY slow to avoid injury and for accuracy, the slow deliberate movements helps create muscle memory. It’s not a martial art; it’s not about learning to fight; it’s not memorization of moves to handle situations. And when you’re done, you’ll be able to recall and use what you learn at any time in the future it may be needed.

It’s the goal of Target Focus Training Live to maintain a class ratio of 10:1. Meaning that for every 10 attendees, there is 1 instructor.
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