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All Target Focus Training Courses Are Now Sold On The

All Target Focus Training Courses Are Now Sold On The

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Survival Pack


The Survival Pack is the premier Online Self-Defense Course and the first part of the TFT Core Series. Its a complete introduction to the concepts of reality-based self-defense or as we call it: Self-Protection. There are two options, Online and DVDs. All DVD Self Defense Courses Include Online Access.

  • Updated target-assembly modules
  • Expanded violence videos including the ‘Tueller’ drill
  • Enhanced “Free Practice” modules
  • New modules: Firearms 1&2
  • Bonus module #1: Swarming the Active Shooter.
  • Bonus module #2: Grabs, Chokes & Holds.
  • How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds Hardcopy Book.
  • Access to the entire course on our Virtual Training Center.
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“Give Me One Evening And You’ll Be Able To Destroy Any Attacker In Seconds… Using Only Your Bare Hands” Impossible? Not when you realize…

Read on to learn about the ultimate ‘game-changer’ for surviving today’s street violence…

The dirty little secret that NO ONE in the self-defense world has ever explained to you… until now!

Survival Pack Course Contents:

Defining Violence

On the first DVD we clearly spell out what dealing with ‘real’ violence is all about, including examples of what it means to be in a true life-or-death situation.

It’s some pretty graphic stuff, but the violence you’ll face on the street today is FAR worse than you can begin to imagine. That’s why you must see this material to understand what you’re up against. This is what you must prepare for if you hope to survive. It’s not easy to watch… but it’s necessary.

Many People Think Of MMA, Combat Sports, Even The UFC As “Violence”.

They’re not.
They’re all sports. And this means they ALL have rules in place to keep people safe.

TFT is NOT about defense, it’s NOT about protecting yourself, it’s NOT about how to win a bar fight. Plain and simple – TFT is about doing whatever it takes to survive.

It’s the original reality-based survival system… taught to US Navy SEALS back in the late 1980’s… and still taught to these fearless warriors TODAY in week-long sessions in San Diego.

What you’ll see on these videos is no different than what’s initially taught to the SEAL command either.

And that’s why watching them will forever change the way you think about violence and self-protection.

For the first time, the veil will be down and you can really prepare.

It’s the stuff NOBODY else in the self-defense world will even talk about.

These videos reveal:
  • How (and why) to use violence as a tool to survive.
  • How to cause as much damage as a bullet using your bare hands.
  • Why most “knife defense” techniques will get you killed.
  • The #1 secret to survival nobody will talk about… and why it’s the ONLY thing that tips the scales in your favor during a violent attack.
  • The mindset you must adopt to have any chance against armed attackers.
  • 73 weak areas of the body you can exploit to your ultimate advantage.
  • How changing a strike by a mere two inches can have a devastating effect on your attacker.
  • How to practice so these skills are deeply embedded into your nervous system (Puts your life-saving reactions on auto-pilot. You’ll do what’s needed automatically, even if you haven’t practiced for months or years).
  • Why most “fancy” moves and “fighting techniques” are completely useless in a real-world fight.
  • How to WIN against bigger, armed attackers when your life is on the line.
    And more…
Next, we spend more than a day of our 2-day live training classes focused on identifying specific “targets”…

Defining Violence

On this disc, you will learn the 5 key target ‘areas’ (Videos 3 – 7) that give you a solid foundation for surviving violence (almost 2 hours of video!).

These 5 “Targeting” videos cover subjects like…
    • 5 easy-to-injure body targets for inflicting maximum damage with the least effort (PLUS: how to easily “break” those targets without using strength or agility)
    • The best way to practice so you “deep-encode” these skills into your nervous system. (Very little practice is required to be effective against even the most aggressive attackers. And when you practice this special way – you can be confident you’ll be locked-and-loaded whenever the time comes)
    • Why training “fast” or at full speed is the worst thing you can do. (I’ll show you how to quickly learn these skills and safely practice these crippling attacks with anyone, at any time)
    • The number one mistake people make when attacking the eyes.
    • The area of your body known as the “lead pipe” and how to use it to drop a bigger man in seconds.
    • The part of your body you should never use in a fight.
      Two unusual and easy-to-damage targets that will cripple your attacker and leave him helpless on the ground.
    • How a small person can make a bigger guy fly backward with minimal effort.
      Simple moves that anyone can do.
    • Ankle break techniques that require almost no effort and make it easy for you to disable your attacker and make your escape.
    • How to use the body’s natural “spinal reflex” to turn the biggest bully into a helpless schoolgirl begging for your mercy.
    • How to “strike” with maximum force. (Hint: doesn’t require strength and is NOT about using your muscles!)
      The easiest way to knock a man unconsciousness.
    • The perfect way to train to create long-lasting muscle memory. This is the trick to learning skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.
    • And much more…

Targeting Part II (Plus FIREARMS)

This is where you learn to seriously disable or injure an attacker coming at you with a gun… when all you have is your bare hands.

Now, something to understand before we get started. It’s very important.

Remember, this is a class FOCUSED on handling someone coming at you with a gun.

Yet at this point in the class (maybe 2/3 or even 3/4 of the way through the class)… this is the FIRST time weapons are actually shown or discussed.

How is that possible, in a weapons-focused class?

It’s simply because, unique to TFT, we assume you only have your own body to work with. Nothing else.

And because of this, most of the class is about learning to become comfortable honing your skill working against empty-handed attackers, never worrying about what he’s planning to do to you.

Once you’re comfortable with this, when a weapon is put into an attacker’s hand, it’s very easy for you to understand why you simply must do exactly what you’ve been doing all along – attack, neutralize or disable the person (specifically his brain) all the while NOT focusing or worrying about the clip-on ‘tool’ simply hanging from the end of his arm.

After just a short amount of practice, your subconscious has learned…

How To Basically Ignore The Firearm Completely.

And it’s this that ultimately allows you to act “even in the face of what would normally be paralyzing fear.”

It’s a process taught by no one else because no other system gives you the tools to effectively neutralize or completely disable an attacker without focusing on the ‘weapon’ in his hand.

But think about this: if you focus on his gun, and end up struggling over it, now you’re into a ‘gun’ fight.

It’s a confrontation where you’d better be bigger, faster or stronger than your “opponent.”

Are you willing to bet your life on winning that kind of struggle – especially when there’s a much safer method that gives YOU the advantage?

And this is precisely what you’ll discover when you watch the 2 firearm modules included with Survival Pack II.

By the time the class got to this point in the training (and by the time you’ve watched these 2 modules), learning to disable or seriously injure someone attacking with a firearm (or any weapon) is surprisingly easy compared to everyone’s initial perception.

It’s simply a matter of understanding what to do.

New Bonus Module #1: Swarming The Shooter

Firearms aren’t the only new modules included.

After Virginia Tech, Tucson, Colorado and Sandy Hook here in the US, and many more shootings worldwide, everyone is uneasy about facing an “Active Shooter” situation.

So we included a bonus module specifically addressing this subject.

And the big surprise for those attending this class… was the simplicity of the solution.

First, you must understand this is no different than any other act of violence… it’s totally random.

This means there’s really little you can do to “practice” for it because any random act has almost a 0% chance of ever happening again. It will ALWAYS be something different than what you prepare for.

But this doesn’t mean you just throw up your hands and hope for the best.

Instead you learn to focus strictly on the use of principles that apply to ANY violent situation you encounter… the very thing you’ll learn throughout this Survival Pack II program.

Like it was for class participants, it won’t be what you expect to see or hear. But once you watch it, you’ll understand your options, and what you must do, in any Active Shooter situation.

New Bonus Module #2: Grabs, Chokes & Holds

(Demonstrated live inside a women’s breakout session during a 2-day TFT class)

The Women’s Breakout Session…

As the number of women attending live training sessions like this 5-hour firearms-focused class continues to grow geometrically, one of the biggest questions asked is, “How do I handle getting grabbed or choked by a bigger opponent?”

And so at the end of a recent full, 2-day live TFT class, we did something we’d not done before: focus the last module, “Grabs, Chokes & Holds,” solely on the women in the class.

This Women’s Breakout Session showed participants how to not only escape but to inflict serious injury to their attackers in the process.

It turned out to be the highlight of the entire 2 days for all these women (and not surprisingly, for all the men who’ve watched it since). Many of the women commented, “It was worth the price of attending the entire class all by itself!”

The Survival Pack is the absolute best way to start learning Target Focus Training. Order your course today!

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