Defeating Weapon Attacks


Take your training to the next level and learn how to defeat an attacker that is in possession of a firearm, knife, or club. This course includes:

  • Full online access to this new video series in your Virtual Training Center
  • Instant Access to the complete Weapons Manual
  • Bonus 1: Digital White Paper: “Effectiveness of Slow Training”
  • Bonus 2: 2 Never-Seen-Before Videos
  • Shipped FREE
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Defeating Weapons Attacks is the course dealing with YOU facing an ARMED attacker...

This comprehensive TFT Course puts ALL aspects of our weapons self-defense system on video… much of it previously restricted to live, private-training sessions only.

Included you’ll discover 100%-new material, covering knife, baton, firearm plus empty hand attacks, demonstrating how to utilize injury – NOT memorized techniques – to disable an attacker threatening you or a loved one with a weapon.

All the while building on TFT’s proprietary (and controversial) process that teaches you to basically ignore the weapon pointed at you… and instead focusing on the real threat in an armed attack… your assailant’s brain.

Most importantly, concepts and principles which were introduced or mentioned but never really described in earlier versions (the crucial subject of ‘vectors’ is a good example), here are not just explained… they’re demonstrated in immense detail throughout this entire series.

And perhaps most important is our inclusion of a progressively more challenging series of lessons, implemented here for the first time in any of our video programs.

Which means you’re able to step into this program at precisely the right point for your current skill level.

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My Full Bullet-Proof, No-BS, “I Shoulder All The Risk” 100% Money Back Guarantee…

I want you to experience the transformational feeling that says, “I know how to handle myself, should violence strike.”

While others shorten their guarantees(dropping to 60 or 30 days, and some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not taking it back”)… we made ours LONGER. That’s right. TFT Video Courses are guaranteed for an entire year.

The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of keeping one eye glued to the calendar.

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