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What Do You Do During A Car Jacking?

We’re shooting new video training series in a couple weeks.

Around these longer filming sessions I’d like to include several shorter videos that demonstrate the “application” of TFT principles & methodologies versus teaching new strikes or coordination sets.

Some of these could be very short – 5 to 10 minutes.

Others will be more comprehensive – 15 to 30 minutes or so.

This is your opportunity to ask me to demonstrate HOW to apply WHAT you’ve learned about TFT training to ONE specific situation that concerns you most.

An example of a longer demonstration might be: “Applying TFT to a car jacking situation.”

While a shorter one (staying with car jacking) might be: “As I stop at a traffic light, someone reaches through my driver-side window. I’ve got a family member in the passenger seat. What are my options?”

Another might be: “Someone is at my house breaking through the door and threatening me and my children. What are my options?”

I’m planning to pick several of these situations… while giving priority to those we feel will likely appeal to the most amount of people in our community.

Please keep your situation to 50 words or less so we have time to consider all replies.

If you have multiple situations for us to consider, please put them in different comments (one situation per comment).


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