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Response To Video of Brutal Attack On Mother

Yesterday, I shared a video of a brutal attack on a mother while her daughter watched.

I asked everyone watching what they thought about the video and what they thought went wrong for this mother during the attack.

Watch my video response to all the comments and leave your own.

Get Our Special Mother’s Day Offer Now!

Including the recording of our “women only” breakout session from our live training…

It’s called Grabs, Chokes, & Holds

Later this month, we’re doing another of our full, 2-day live training sessions here in Las Vegas.

Toward the end of every 2-day class we bring all the women together for a special training just for them.

In this Women’s Breakout Session we put them into some of the common positions women feel most helpless in when attacked by a larger, stronger male. Then we show participants how to not only escape but to inflict serious injury to their attackers in the process.

In class they actually practice getting out of all these positions. And more importantly learn how to avoid ever getting into a position like this.
This session is always the highlight of the entire 2 days for these women (and not surprisingly, for all the men who watch).

Everyone who’s ever gone through this process calls it one of the most empowering trainings they’ve ever done… “worth the price of attending the entire class all by itself!”

For this Mother’s Day Special we’ll completely record this portion of the training (it’s all new and updated from what we’ve shown in the past) and give you and whomever you chose to give this special offer to, immediate online access to the video recording.

You don’t want to miss it!

Women Only Self Protection

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Books by Tim Larkin

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