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Dealing With An Active Shooter

Active Shooter scenarios are among the most terrifying type of attack someone could endure. We are constantly reminded that this type of attack can happen to anyone, anywhere.  Taking responsibility for your own self-protection must include understanding this type of attack, and what your options/responses should be.

As a short introduction here’s how we put this together…

I invited Paul Calle and Taff Davies, members of two of Australia’s Tier 1 Special Ops units, to Las Vegas to personally teach a special class on Extreme Close Combat Shooting to a group from TFT. It was the only time this course had ever been taught outside the Spec Ops world.

Both Paul & Taff were just in from multiple combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other places.

At my request during the second day of class they included an informative, combat tested “Active Shooter” discussion with many special scenarios. Everything was captured — uncut — in the video below.

Here’s a brief summary of what you’ll see…

Active Shooter Discussion and Scenarios

Paul & Taff, having experienced the worst in close-combat fighting in some of the most dangerous locations in the world they will tell you, in no uncertain terms, exactly what you must do to survive an Active Shooter situation.

They walk you through a systematic discussion of situational considerations, the order in which you need to address them, the risks involved along with detailed demonstrations.

They explain

    • Why your primary problem when confronted by an active shooter is how little you know about him and his intentions.
    • Why peer pressure often has a huge negative influence on your behavior and decision-making.
    • Why there are no absolute, universal wrong or rights — each situation is unique, demanding unique responses.

The latest tragic mass shooting in Orlando further emphasizes the basic fact… that your brain will likely panic and freeze as it scans through empty “white space” because you never visualized what you’d do in this type of life-or-death situation.

After watching this video… you’ll have filled much of that “white space”… and understand more clearly what to do.

The first 30 minutes covers considerations, risks and discussion;
The last 25 deal with various scenarios.

Interested in learning more…

Here’s a link to a second blog Master Instructor Chris Ranck-Buhr and I wrote on the subject of “swarming” the active shooter.

At the time this discussion offended some… generating more than 220 comments.

But they’re ideas that must be addressed.

Please leave your comments here on the blog so everyone can benefit from the discussion.

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