The Foundation Series is a complete TFT Live recorded event (the first 6 DVDs) PLUS A 6 DVD Detailed Instruction Series that provides a closer look at the techniques presented in the Live DVDs.

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Product Description

Foundation is the 3rd and last course in the TFT Core Series. If you have completed Survival Pack, and Defeating Weapons your next best step is aways a LIVE Training Event. However, if attending a Live Training is difficult, or inconvenient the Foundation Course is the next best thing!

Want More PROOF?

Here’s just a small sampling of results from people who already invested in this Foundation Series:

“I have just about every TFT video, and have watched them all multiple times, and I think the Foundation Series is the best yet.

It’s very noticeable, viewing a new series every year or so, that Tim and company are constantly working to improve their teaching. I especially appreciate their efforts as the early TFT products were so awesome they could easily have rested on those laurels.

They have managed to clarify the presentation of both their message and their methods, so that each can be grasped easily and quickly.

I also want to highlight the quality of their video-making. It is superb and a great addition to the teaching.

Finally, I want to mention that I am not one of those habitual reviewers. I read reviews, but rarely leave them. However, I’m happy to do anything that might convince one more person to learn what TFT is teaching.”

— Mike Minicucci

“As always it was a great product. I will continue to purchase your products. I studied Martial Arts for many years but I always found myself struggling in confrontations. Being a Deputy Sheriff I knew that I needed something that worked. Thank God that I found you guys. Going to a live Seminar and buying yours products have saved my life, and the only way I know to show my appreciation is to support you guys and tell others about your system. Thanks for all you do.”

— Aaron Gardiner

“The Foundation Series delivers everything it promised, maybe more. When I first started watching the series my gut response was I hope I never have to use this information. It is an absolutely professional, matter of fact presentation of information that could save your life. The cold, utter brutality of asocial violence is something I hope I never have to face, but at least I now have some idea of how to deal with it. If I ever have the opportunity and means to take the live class, count on me being there. Thank you for producing these videos.”

— James Eigel

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My Full Bullet-Proof, No-BS, “I Shoulder All The Risk” 100% Money Back Guarantee…

I want you to experience the transformational feeling that says, “I know how to handle myself, should violence strike.”

While others shorten their guarantees(dropping to 60 or 30 days, and some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not taking it back”)… we made ours LONGER. That’s right. TFT Video Courses are guaranteed for an entire year.

The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of keeping one eye glued to the calendar.

This is more than a guarantee. It’s my personal promise to you!

I trust you to do the right thing with this Program, just as I know you trust me. I think that’s the fair thing to do.