The Whole Shooting Match

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The “Whole Shooting Match” is Just about everything we offer. You get the Survival Pack, the 12-DVD Foundation Series, our most popular Defeating Weapon Attacks that focuses exclusively on knives, guns & clubs; Plus… The TFT Striking Series; Plus… TFT Lethal Leverage (Joint Breaking) Plus… The Throwing Series Plus… Justified Lethal Force; Plus… a Strike Chart wall poster, Plus… all the manuals, and bonus DVD’s that come with each product. Plus I’ll throw in the TFT book “How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life” as well as the new TFT SourceBook!

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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

My Full Bullet-Proof, No-BS, “I Shoulder All The Risk” 100% Money Back Guarantee…

I want you to experience the transformational feeling that says, “I know how to handle myself, should violence strike.”

While others shorten their guarantees(dropping to 60 or 30 days, and some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not taking it back”)… we made ours LONGER. That’s right. TFT Video Courses are guaranteed for an entire year.

The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of keeping one eye glued to the calendar.

This is more than a guarantee. It’s my personal promise to you!

I trust you to do the right thing with this Program, just as I know you trust me. I think that’s the fair thing to do.