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Dirk Van Til – Traverse City, MI

“…intense, fast paced, most hands-on and very practical...”

Brian Ozinga – Santa Monica, CA

“…everything is streamlined with a purpose...”

“I have spent considerable time, money, and effort in the past on various martial...

Franz Snideman – San Diego, CA

“…this training allows you to immediately understand...”

“I liked the immediate application of techniques and lectures explaining ...

Greg Weber – Arvada, CO

  • Category: Live Training
“…very different from any other Martial Arts or Fighting class I’ve taken...”

Russ Folcka – Murrieta, CA

“…it was one of the best experiences of my life...”

“It was one of the best experiences of my life. The way Tim and the other trainers...

Dan Nattress – Cardiff, CA

  • Category: Live Training
“…most direct system ever experienced...”

“Faster pace was good [as was] working on concrete. Really appreciated...

Martin Lingle – San Jose, CA

“…just straight to the heart principles that anyone can use...”

Eric – Goose Creek, SC

“…different than any other training you’ve probably had...”

“What I like was the simplicity: find a target, hit a target and...

Bryan Kelly – Chicago, IL

“…practical, no nonsense, save-your-life training...”

Jason Woodard – Reno, NV

“…you receive an education in the true dynamic of fighting...”

“You receive an education in the true dynamic of fighting and the full implications...

Larry Reed – Maple Valley, WA

“…this met and exceeded my expectations...”

“This met and exceeded my expectations. The material was well presented ...

John Coleman – New York, NY

“…It’s incredible. I’m so empowered after just 3 days. It’s just amazing...”

“After learning all the strategic and tactical stuff, I can really...

Brian Kay – New Jersey

“…Enter TFT… finally, a simple, no-nonsense, straightforward...”

“All I can say is – why didn’t anyone tell me about you sooner? Most people waste countless...

Omar Habbas – Las Vegas, NV

“…the course is invaluable and i want to continue training...”

“One of the biggest benefits I received is the fact that my perception or attitude...

Kris de Jesus – Las Vegas, NV

“…It gives me a lot of confidence. I don’t feel helpless...”

“I like martial arts a lot, so I’ve trained 4 or 5 times a week for years. I’ve done ...

Jennifer Gray – Norman, OK

“…completely worth every penny...”

“I think most people look at the price and disregard coming to a session, but they...

W. Edwards Deming

  • Category: Live Training
“…learning is not compulsory… neither is survival...”

I was watching an Instructor Class the other night with one of my great friends from the fighting world...

Bryan Knack

  • Category: Live Training
“…most importantly it absolutely gave me the weapon and the tools needed to survive a truly violent situation...”

Dennis Burns – Indiana

“…i’ve seen a lot of crap out there on the market and by far TFT JB is the best yet...”

“TFT’s JB DVD set is very simple to understand and very realistic to violence...

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