The Final Chapter To YOU Becoming The Ultimate Human Weapon…

Here’s Your Chance To Officially Complete The Program Chosen By The Us Navy SEALs, Customs And Border Patrol, Law Enforcement, Celebrities, Executives, And Countless Private Citizens All Over The World...

Back in 1799, Napoleon discovered a massive ancient artifact during one of his campaigns in Egypt.

Called the Rosetta stone, this 1,700 pound chunk of black granite carried an inscription that later became the ‘key’ which allowed archeologists to decode the previously undecipherable Egyptian hieroglyphs.

From that time forward, the term ‘Rosetta stone’ was used to refer to anything that acted as a ‘key’ to a world of learning and experience previously inaccessible to all but a few.

The Rosetta Stone of Self-Defense…

This consists of a unique series of 3 seminars known as the Human Weapon Project.

If you’re reading this…you’ve attended 2 of the 3 seminars…

TFT’s new program “Arsenals and Assemblies” is the final piece to the ‘Rosetta stone’ of personal protection – a system that unlocks two critical advantages that could mean the difference between life-or-death in a survival situation:

ONE – It reduces your exposure to injury during violence (The faster you take the other guy down, the safer you are. More on this in a moment)

TWO – It allows you to easily mold TFT’s 1-of-a-kind personal-protection system to perfectly fit YOUR specific physical attributes, abilities & restrictions (You can quickly adapt the moves to fit your body like a hand effortlessly slipping into a butter-soft glove)

What this means is for the first time… ever… you won’t be learning more self-defense moves, more techniques, more… stuff…

…Only to end up feeling frustrated at not being able to ‘get it,’ or ‘do it’ or ‘retain it’… because it just wasn’t right for you or YOUR body type.

But I’m getting ahead of myself just a bit so let me come back to that.

Because to fully comprehend what this can mean for you in a life-or-death altercation, it’s important you understand…

Effectiveness PLUS Efficiency…
The Keys To Beating Any Attacker Quickly

Effectiveness is your ability to accomplish a desired result.

And at TFT that result is always to win when facing an attacker. Anything less…may cost you your life.

Efficiency, on the other hand, is simply how well you accomplish that result.

What’s important for you to understand is that until now everything you learned in the previous 2 live seminars you attended focuses solely on effectiveness.

Now, when dealing with unexpected life-or-death violence, coordination and physical grace have nothing to do with effective brute-force trauma. It doesn’t matter that you were inefficient in how you handled it because how well you move has no effect on the outcome. In violence, there are NO points for style.

Either you get the result or you don’t.

In short… effectiveness without efficiency is still injury! Regardless of efficiency, the effects are identical! This is why we choose to begin with effectiveness in all our base training, then worry about efficiency later.

So Why Even Bother With Efficiency?

“Why not focus solely on effectiveness since the final outcome (injury) can’t be improved upon?”

The answer, for many people, is just that: effectiveness IS sufficient. They’re comfortable with the results and the relatively short time it took to learn the base TFT system needed to cause them.

But for others, and perhaps you, there are a couple other factors you may want to consider:

  • First, with effectiveness we deal only with results – “Did you disable your attacker, and neutralize the threat?” We don’t care if it required 5 or 6 separate strikes or perhaps took 15 or maybe even 30 seconds to accomplish. “Was the goal reached and the threat eliminated?”
  • Second, were there strikes you couldn’t execute the way you wanted because of the situation or physical limitations you might have?

Here’s the thing: Evaluate both of these factors and you quickly realize you’re needlessly exposing yourself to the unknowns, the vagrancies, of truly random violence… by remaining engaged longer than necessary. And the longer a violent act continues, the less certain its outcome… regardless of your skill level.

Fortunately, all this is handled… through… efficiency.

Because once you have effectiveness in the bag (like a doorknob in a sock) efficiency makes you…more efficient. You get the same amount of work done with less effort and in a shorter timeframe.

Efficiency combined with effectiveness means…

…Doing the same damage with fewer moves (In the example above, it might mean using only 2 strikes vs the 5 or 6 previously required, something especially useful if you’re facing multiple attackers),

…Quickly taking your attacker to non-functional (Perhaps in just 3 – 5 seconds vs the 15 in our example, while understanding that the faster you take him out, the less chance you have of getting injured), and

…Having more options to respond to a situation (if your body has a limitation, efficiency lets you more easily work around that limitation and still cause damage to your attacker).

“Efficiency limits your exposure to the randomness of violence”

And that’s what this “Arensenal and Assemblies” program teaches you. There’s just one caveat.

Beware: Efficiency without effectiveness is nothing but “slap-fighting,” and unless you’re a highly skilled fighter, can easily get you killed.

This is the martial artist executing a picture-perfect roundhouse kick against some street thug who doesn’t give a damn… he simply uses a gun to shoot the martial artist before the kick ever lands and does any damage.

“Arsenal and Assemblies” is what we’ve worked toward for years—tying together all the elements presented in the previous 2 seminars you’ve attended.

Because This One Is Different From All Our Other Live Training Seminars…

Included in the “Arsenal and Assemblies” seminar is a complete roadmap of improvement to increase your efficiency and coordination.

Here’s just some of what you’ll experience in this seminar:

  • The three simple ‘checks’ that tell you immediately if you’re NOT doing efficient work... and
  • How to instantly ‘course correct’ should even one be missing.
  • The ONE reason TFT works for everyone regardless of the situation (even if you’re someone who struggles with efficiency)!
  • The base movement concept involved in executing a Strike-Break-Throw. It sounds complicated but when you watch it demonstrated you'll realize, “I can do that; geez, anyone can do it!”
  • The amazingly simple action (so many people find difficult to perform) that must always remain in place for any Strike-Break-Throw to work. (Nope, it doesn’t have anything to do with injury. It’s far more fundamental than that.)
  • How to clamp and attach yourself to an assailant to accentuate & accelerate injury.
  • The surprising reason coordination set practice makes you better by slowing you down. (It’s got nothing to do with accuracy or even locking in muscle memory. Those all occur but this
  • ONE reason is unique to coordination sets and TFT practice!)
  • Cheating: why this foundational secret lets you walk away the winner from a violent conflict.
  • Why the often misunderstood concept of “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” is the key to step-function breakthroughs in both your coordination & efficiency. (And, surprisingly, how this translates directly into massive improvements in your ability to stop any predator... dead in his tracks).
  • We often state, “Effectiveness is perfect; it can’t be improved upon.” Yet begin focusing on efficiency... and suddenly what you become effective at, INCREASES? It’s true. The answer why will surprise you.
  • Most self-defense systems teach ‘muscling’ a throw (which is why it often fails, and most everyone believes it won’t ever work during the chaos of violence). Yet set it up like we show you... and now you’re exploiting the fact he’s already off balance and falling. Even your grandmother can throw him from here!
  • The surprising reason EVERY throw can be (and is) defined as a ‘trip’ or a ‘slip’. (Focusing on the “flying through the air” part only makes it far more difficult to execute.)
  • TFT “coordination sets”: Are they memorized techniques for countering violent situations on the street —OR— movement plans that force you to do what otherwise your body would not, thus expanding your skill set and improving efficiency? (Why everyone gets this wrong even when they know the answer.)

We then pull everything together in a way unlike anything we’ve shown…

Most importantly, we take you beyond “techniques,” showing you how to apply the foundational principles on which TFT is built so you can turn your own free practice into nonstop iterations of this striking-breaking-throwing process… without ever needing to memorize a bunch of moves.

Our ultimate goal with this new Program is to give you the understanding and ability to execute & train the way we as instructors do… but in a mere fraction of the time it took us to get here.

This special seminar focuses on two essential tools for the ‘reaction partner’ (the person(s) simulating the ‘attacker’ in TFT training practice). Both are critical to your
success in getting to Efficiency with Accelerated Destruction.

First, are Breakfalls, which address safety.

Since every strike is designed to cause injury, it’s paramount the reaction partner learn to fall safely while demonstrating a realistic reaction to a strike. You’ll learn the 4 key components that make this happen.

Second, are Reactions, which cover how a ‘reaction partner’ moves in response to strikes to different body targets.

Far more than offering a ‘passive practice dummy,’ reactions
provide a self-correcting feedback loop to the person executing a strike that instantaneously lets them know the success of their movement. Accurate feedback dramatically accelerates the TFT learning process.

(Surprising to many people, giving proper reactions locks TFT principles into the reaction partner’s subconscious as well, making these a multi-faceted tool for quickly learning the TFT system.)

30 Years Of Experience Distilled To 1 Weekend...

In all, it’s the most intense new seminar we’ve ever offered, the distillation of 30 years of research, practice, testing and refinement rolled into 2-days of instructional material.

You get a complete roadmap that lets you ramp your self-protection skills with a minimum of effort… and a maximum of ‘ah-ha’ moments.

But I’m only offering this seminar one time this year…so click the link below because I’m only allowing 40 spots.

I’m very excited about this special seminar… it’s truly been a LONG time coming. Thanks for your support.

Tim Larkin
Creator & Founder, Target Focus Training

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