The “Primal” Self-Defense Secret
Most Combat Arts Instructors
Don’t Want You to Know

REVEALED: One Week Shortcut Helps You
Defeat Bigger, Faster and Stronger Attackers
Using Moves Already Hard-Wired Into Your Body.

You’re about to discover a secret most self-defense and combat sports instructors hope you never see.
Because it hits them square in the pocketbook.
Forget the complex movements they teach you to kick, strike or throw an attacker on today’s mean streets.
Heck, even if you’ve learned some of the “foundational” self-defense techniques TFT has taught you in the past – this is going to help you better USE those, speeding your ability to hospitalize deadly attackers in ANY situation.
If you can:
… you already have most of what you need to defend yourself.
Forget the massive practice and repetition it takes to master traditional fighting arts.
Your hard-wired skills are the ultimate shortcut.
How can that be?
It’s because you’ve “practiced” those thousands upon thousands of times over your life.
And forget spending a small fortune at your local dojo. It’s not going to get you confident enough to defeat a random attacker. It takes YEARS of blood sweat and tears.
You don’t have time for that.
I promise in less than a week, you could be more than a match for any criminal scum who thinks you look like easy prey.
Because in our never-ending effort to get you safer… faster… you’re about to discover something completely new.
This is “the missing piece”—the fastest path we’ve ever uncovered to a fully coordinated, violent response… which helps you INSTANTLY string together the foundational injuries required in life-or-death situations.
And tapping into it, the cold, hard truth is, it’s much easier than you think to turn the tables on violence.
You just need the desire, and a few hours…
…and this one “primal” secret.
A secret less than one percent of combat arts instructors know.
A secret that works regardless of whether…
…You’re mobile and athletic or you’ve lost a step as you’ve gotten older and don’t have the strength and flexibility you had in your youth…
…You’re overweight and/or out of shape… or work out daily…
…Even if you have a bad back, hip, shoulder… or a physical deformity.
I know it may sound too good to be true, but we train people with these “problems” every day.
I’ve shared this secret with people who were blind. Men with artificial limbs. And even someone bound to a wheelchair.
So I know it works for anyone.
Because this primal secret allows you to unlock the gifts God has given every human to ever walk the planet.
Look, violence is everywhere.
Sure, you may not think it will happen to you, or your wife, son or daughter.
But, your chances of being a victim of violent crime in your life are a stunning 89% if you’re a man. That’s according to Bureau of Justice statistics.
And it’s not much better if you’re a woman, chances are “only” 73% you’re raped, assaulted or robbed.
Take a look at the stats:
Your Chances of Being A Victim
And if you’re not a victim of violence by today… you could be soon. Maybe even tomorrow.
So I want to help you NEVER BECOME A VICTIM.
In fact, it’s my life’s mission to help ordinary people like you turn the tables on today’s reality of violent crime.
You may think all you need is a gun and you’re safe.
But you couldn’t be more wrong.
Sure, I love the fact so many good folks carry these days, yet the fact is a gun gives you a false sense of security. Why?
Because most attacks happen in seconds… from INCHES away – and in most cases you won’t have time to draw your weapon.
Which means, if you don’t want to be a victim, you better get trained for hand-to-hand combat.
But you don’t have years to practice and buckets of sweat to invest to defend yourself or others from vicious bad guys.
That’s why you need…

The Rosetta Stone® of Combat Art

In 1799, French soldiers rebuilding a fort in Egypt made a startling discovery.
Near the town of Rosetta, about 35 miles north of Alexandria, a one thousand year mystery was all but solved. Soldiers unearthed a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient carved writing.
Not just any slab, but an ancient artifact carved in 196 B.C. that would unlock the secrets of ancient Egyptians.
They called it, the Rosetta Stone®.
Yet, the structure of hieroglyphic scripts was beyond difficult to translate.
But the Rosetta Stone® was the key.
Because it was written in two different languages, Egyptian and Greek.
The translation from Egyptian to Greek would soon unlock this secret code.
A few years later, hieroglyphs were finally solved. A world of language and culture of ancient Egypt open to scientists as never before.
What does this have to do with defending yourself and your family in today’s violent world?
You see, there is a secret code to self-defense.
In fact, it’s the “Rosetta Stone®” to every martial art and combat sport ever devised by man.
It translates everything in combat sports in a way that shortcuts the learning curve.
And the “translation” is your ultimate shortcut to achieving self-defense skills quickly.
Because techniques won’t matter.
Only principles will.
Powerful primal principles you already have developed over your lifetime.
With this secret wisdom you will be able to diagnose why any strike, kick or throw in a combat sport works… or does not.
You’ll understand the most advanced concepts in combat sports better than 99% of all fighting gurus.
And most important, you’ll be able to save your skin when violence inevitably comes knocking at your door.
Because you’ll be doing things you already know how to do – but translating them into saving your life.
Truth told, you won’t be surprised by what you can’t do… you’ll be surprised at what you’re already hard-wired to do.
That’s right. The skills of stomping on a bug, grabbing your keys from the coffee table and peeking out of your curtains could save your life.
And that goes AGAINST the message of most combat arts instructors.
Because very few know this secret.
Look, both myself and my Master Instructors come from the kitchen sink of different martial arts.
Any combat sport is great if you love the competitive nature they bring out.
The discipline it takes to train hard for that next belt can turn you into a goal achieving machine and change your life.
But if you only want to defend yourself from a thug on the street, you ain’t got time for that!
Sure, many dojos offer generic self-defense training. But like the old saying goes, when all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Meaning you’ll learn a “light” version of what they already teach. But NOT something designed from the ground up to be SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and EASY to use.
And that’s why most combat arts instructors don’t want you to learn this “primal” secret.
You see, I’m going to show you how to short cut years of training. The “Rosetta Stone” of combat sports gives you same result in a week, rather than years of training.
And that’s not good for their business.
What is this secret “primal” mystery?

The Secret of “Primal” Protection

Confucius once wrote : “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”
It’s human nature to make things more complex than they need to be.
But it isn’t only life we make more complex.
For example…
Legend has it, during the height of the space race in the 1960s, NASA scientists realized pens could not function in space.
They needed to figure out another way for the astronauts to write things down. So they spent years and millions of taxpayer dollars to develop a pen that could put ink to paper without gravity.
But their crafty Soviet counterparts, so the story goes, simply handed their cosmonauts pencils.
Simple solution, don’t you agree?
History is packed with inventions that improved on other inventions by making them simpler and more accessible.
Take a look at your mobile phone. Within a decade, that one device takes the place of a camera, a Walkman and a personal computer. Now you don’t need to carry all three around, doesn’t that make life simpler?
Like many ways of simplifying things, simplifying self-defense took a long time.
In fact, the “primal” secret you’re about to discover has taken over 2,000 years to simplify combat.
Look, if you’ve ever studied any martial art, you know they’re ANYTHING but simple. In fact, the movements are downright complicated. So complex that many are flat out unnatural!
That’s why it takes years of dedication and practice to get good enough to effectively defend yourself. It takes constant, unrelenting practice time.
Time you likely don’t have.
So unless you enjoy the sporting aspect, studying martial arts is not your answer.
You need something simple.
So how did I simplify self-defense?
The truth is, I discovered the answer in the most unlikely of places.
A dark place where few dare look for answers.
You see, I was fascinated by how the most vicious of all criminals learned the trade of violence.
And what I learned was shocking…

The Nastiest Criminals in the World Use
the Most Primal Principles of Combat!

Like you, thugs don’t have time to train to become a black belt in some martial art.
But they accidentally stumbled on a shortcut and passed it down in many criminal communities.
A shortcut these bad hombres use to terrorize good people like you.
For decades, they’ve shared a quick and dirty way to fight with recruits.
And if you don’t use the same secret, you’re toast if you ever come up against their brutality.
Because they learned you don’t need fancy moves to inflict pain, suffering and injury.
All they needed was to adopt the way the human body already moves.
Moves we have mastered over thousands of years on Earth.
Science calls these movements “gross motor skills.”
Let me explain why these movements are so easy and natural.
From the time we’re babies, our gross motor skills help us make the most basic movements.
We start out simple by crawling, then standing, walking and as we grow older, these skills are engrained into our nervous system.
And by the time we reach adulthood, we use these gross motor skills thousands upon thousands of times. For example, working in the garden with a spade, crushing an aluminum can, and wiping sweat from your brow.
So over time, these skills become “hard-wired” into us. We can perform them without conscious thought.
That means gross motor skills are deeply embedded within us at an unconscious level.
But our “fine motor skills” are a different story.
Why must martial arts be constantly practiced to even maintain your skill level?
Because they rely a lot on “fine motor skills.”
In fact, if you shoot guns, you know first-hand how quickly skills can fade. That’s why if you don’t go to the range regularly, your shots aren’t as accurate.
Because shooting is a fine motor skill too.
But when was the last time you had to practice breaking a stick on the curb by stomping on it?
That’s right… never.
That’s because gross motor skills are primal in nature and burned into your nervous system.
And it’s exactly the shortcut you need to learn how to defend yourself against criminals who know the same secret!
But now you can have an “unfair advantage” over all of them.
Because when I was a Naval Intelligence Officer, I began creating a NEW system of self-defense. I used the science of gross motor skills and combined it with accelerated learning to make it simple and easy to learn.
A system where no motion is wasted , in fact, each movement is “cocking” you for the next move.
A system that’s quick and easy to use, no matter how old you are or what limitations you may have.
In fact, you could learn the basic version in less than a week.
Because by the time you’re 50, you’ve done these moves untold thousands of times before.
All you need is to use the gross motor skills you’ve mastered over a lifetime, and learn…

The Little-Known Tale of a “Human Cockfighter”

I’ll get to the amazing story of the “Human Cockfighter” shortly.
But first, a short dossier on me, so you know how I possess the chops to help you.
My name is Tim Larkin.
I’m the creator & founder of Target Focus Training. (Also known as TFT.)
I started as a Naval Special Warfare military intelligence officer. But I never guessed I would spend my life helping people save their lives… or the lives of those most precious to them.
For over 25 years I’ve been well-known in the self-defense & close-combat training world.
I’m the behind-the-scenes trainer when it’s “kill-or-be-killed” for elite military and law enforcement operations such as:
  • U.S. Navy SEALs,
  • Army Special Forces
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • U.S. Marshals
  • U.S. Border Patrol
  • Homeland Security
Black Belt Magazine has featured me (and my training methods) many times over the years, including multiple covers. And, in 2011, they named me … Black Belt Magazine’s Self-Defense Instructor of the Year.
While at the same time I was… Inducted Into The Black Belt Hall Of Fame.
And that same year the U.K. Home Secretary banned me from teaching my methods in England. (And even entering the country, period!)
I’m author of The New York Times best-selling book, Survive The Unthinkable: A Total Guide To Women’s Self-Protection. Plus co-author of another best-selling book, How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life.
In short, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people like you defend themselves in a world that’s becoming more and more violent in nature.
Before the national tragedy of 9/11, I only worked with government agencies.
But in the wake of the Twin Towers attack I decided to help ordinary people learn new skills to defend themselves. Because after the unthinkable occurred, the world became an even more dangerous place.
Skills you can learn in a matter of days.
Take a Brazilian Ju Jitsu fighter as an example.
By the time he becomes elite, he knows more than 1000 techniques. And they’ve taken over 10,000 hours of training and repetition to master.
And watching them in competition, you can’t help but be in awe of their skills.
But as great as these skills are in competition… they create a very indirect path when dealing with criminal violence. One fraught with dangerous consequences.
Learning the primal secret teaches principles. That puts the information into a much smaller, more accessible knowledge base.
And this sends you down a very direct path for handling violence… one where you have the edge.
That’s why in about a week, you could be as effective at stopping a criminal as the elite Ju Jitsu fighter.
Want proof?
Let me tell you about a man named Mike.
Mike was a bored college student who craved excitement.
To him, fighting was like a high-speed chess match with immediate consequences for making a mistake.
He was an okay fighter and he knew it. But he wanted to be better. He wanted to be unstoppable and put the hurt on his competition.
And he knew he could… with the right training.
Being a natural skeptic, he’d seen dozens of “systems” before… but my training seemed to resonate with Mike. So he got it.
Over a few weeks, Mike went through the material and training all by himself.
At first, it seemed strange and foreign, compared to the martial arts he had studied. But the advantages of using gross motor movements to devastating effect became clear.
At the end of a few weeks, Mike felt confident he could use his new found fighting “tune-up” to be five times the fighter he was before.
So he checked out the underground fighting community.
It happened they were looking for new fighters to compete in a no-holds-barred contest. So he entered hoping to earn some glory.
Mike had become what Senator John McCain called a “Human Cockfighter.
He was “fresh meat” in the fighting circuit. At least that’s what his competition thought…
But armed with the same primal principles you’re learning about, Mike fought… and won.
In fact, he won and he won and he just kept winning!
And many of his challengers were bigger, stronger and had years and years more training than he did.
But Mike won because he was armed with principles, not techniques.
Although Mike made this discovery quite by accident, before almost ANY of my students, he got better… faster!
After unlocking the hidden code, he understood the only three skills you’ll ever need to defeat bigger, faster and stronger criminals.
I call them…

The Three Pillars of Primal Protection

Criminals don’t care if you have gray hair, a bad back, or if you’re 40 pounds overweight.
In fact, you’re exactly the kind of person they want to target!
Now you can level the playing field and use their overconfidence against them.
But the bad news is, you have to be willing to “break the rules” we were all raised to obey.
You see, thugs are willing to do whatever it takes.
They’ll injure, even kill you without remorse.
So if you want to stand a chance against their violence, you’ll need to meet that violence head on with your own.
Because there are no trophies for participation … either you’ll be a victim or you will stop them, period.
That’s the cold, hard truth if you want to survive what could be a real life or death struggle.
And if you’re not willing to injure a crook that is out for your watch, your wallet or your vehicle, you don’t stand a chance. If that’s you, retreat to your “safe space” and stop reading this letter.
Because what you’re about to see makes “snowflakes” melt on contact.
But if you have a “do what it takes” attitude, I’ll show you how to dramatically improve your odds.
See, you’re a bigger target than you think.
And crooks don’t expect you to fight back.
In fact, it would shock them if you did.
So you can exploit their overconfidence with three vital fighting skills.
Because in a contest without rules, these three “pillars” of primal protection are all you need to know.
When you put them together, you will “weaponize” the body you have RIGHT NOW. And you’ll be able to deal with multiple attackers using very simple movements.
In fact, once you understand the principles behind these three pillars, you’ll be surprised how your body will “open up” and flow.
In fact, once you understand the principles behind these three pillars, you’ll be surprised how your body will “open up” and flow.
In fact it’s shocking when you see some of the people I’ve helped, which I’ll share shortly.
And if you’re already a Black-Belt you’ll discover a whole new world of self-defense effectiveness. Just like so many instructors exposed to my training who became instructors.
What are these three pillars that unleash your primal power?

Pillar of Primal Protection #1

The first pillar of primal protection sets up everything in your defense.
Because effective, target focused strikes give YOU the momentum.
But most folks strike all wrong.
But most folks strike all wrongYou see, all strikes are driven by mass in motion.
When you put your bodyweight behind your strikes, you don’t need to be strong.
In fact the strikes of a chiseled 240 pounder and the overweight 240 pounder have the same EXACT effectiveness , if done correct.
And with one more secret, you could discover how to generate up to 3.5 times your bodyweight in brute force!
So remember this, the primary aim of ANY strike is to put MAXIMUM bodyweight behind your strike.
Otherwise you can’t cause an injury to an attacker that gives YOU the advantage.
So, contrary to your instincts, you have to get them in close.
You see, it’s not how far you can reach out to strike someone; it’s about how far you can step through them. That is how you generate injury causing power, when applied to the right target.
Look, strikes don’t need to be complicated.
You just need to establish enough drive that gives you momentum and winds you up for the next strike.

Pillar of Primal Protection #2

The next pillar of primal power magnifies what you’ve accomplished with strikes.
Remember, you must match violence with violence.
So you may think this pillar is savage, and frankly it is.
But when your life could be on the line, all is fair.
So you’ll need to learn how to ramp up the injury to a thug by using leverage to break a joint.
Now maybe you think learning about leverage on joints takes a long time.
But you should know there aren’t 1000′s of ways to break joints.
What you’ll discover is… there is only ONE … and within that one there are just six ways to accomplish it.
So instead of overloading you with 100 techniques, you can master ONE PRINCIPLE and it becomes easy.
And there’s one principle that ties everything together.
So it’s far simpler than you’ve imagined.
Because learning how a particular joint operates, gives you a leverage “road map” that shows you how to break it.
Take out an attacker’s wrist, a knee or elbow by moving it out of its range of motion and you’ve slowed his attack. You’ve added another injury, on top of your strike. That puts him on the defensive.
Which brings you to the next pillar where you finish him off…

Pillar of Primal Protection #3

The final pillar takes injury to the point where your attacker has no fight left in him.
By now, injury has added up from strikes and a joint break, so an effective throw will end the fight.
Of course you probably think throwing is beyond your potential skill level.
But the traditional way of looking at throws through the lens of combat sports like wrestling and judo is more complicated than you need.
You see, it’s simple to take someone down.
Because throwing is as simple as… knocking people down!
It’s like doing the work of a patch of ice or a crack in the sidewalk.
It’s recognizing when people are windmilling at the top of that last stair. Then giving them a good, hearty shove down the flight.
What happens next is the law of physics doing all the work.
And the good news is you don’t need to learn a complicated throw that takes 7 steps to get right.
You can get the job done just as effectively with moves like a trip or a stomp to the ankle. That knocks an attacker’s center of gravity off its base and sends his vulnerable head crashing to the pavement.
Because once you’ve caused head trauma, it’s lights out for a bad guy.
Which raises the question…
…how can you learn to string these three pillars together into an effective defense in under a week?
And how can you make the movement between them add to your power and effectiveness?

The One-Two Punch That “Installs”
Your Three Pillars of Primal Protection Faster
Than ANY Other Self-Defense System

If you’ve got the guts to take on an attacker and NOT be a victim, I’ve got news for you.
You need more than targets.
You’re going to need specific movement patterns that allow you to exploit the three pillars.
Movement patterns customized on how YOUR body works.
But martial arts instructors can’t teach you how to use what you have because they’re dogmatic. That means you’ll have to literally FORCE your body to adapt to THEIR patterns.
And you’ll have to train hours upon hours for the rest of your life just to keep those fine motor skills sharp.
That’s why a system that leverages your “hard-wired” gross motor skills is THE shortcut to “opening up” the body God gave you.
And now it’s finally here, after years of development.

It Breaks Through The #1 Barrier To
Becoming Highly Efficient at
Ending a Confrontation… 100% Confident and Capable in ANY

Over the years, one of the biggest barriers we saw – the part that took the most time to “train” – was the coordination needed to execute the deadly strikes required to advance your skills, making you more efficient… and thus, safer.
Because let’s face it – you’re probably not an elite athlete or a full-time martial artist, nor should you have to be in order to protect yourself.
That created a dilemma for us: sure, with enough time, we could help someone develop the coordination needed to efficiently execute these strikes and reach a new level of proficiency and confidence.
But the time… it would take weeks, or days in person, and most people simply don’t have that.
That’s why this is such a big breakthrough – by leveraging your existing motor skills and movements, we’ve shaved time off the “learning” and coordination phases…
…Meaning you reach a high-level – the level needed to KNOW you’ll be safe in any situation – faster than we’ve ever achieved before, in any program or live training.

Introducing Blueprints of Destruction:
The Three Pillars of Primal Protection

Fact: Violence is random.
Fact: The longer an assault lasts, the more random the outcome.
Fact: Ending an attack quickly minimizes YOUR odds of injury or worse.
I discovered these three facts over 20 years in the business of self-defense. By analyzing the raw data that came out of my prison research, I found your ace-in-the-hole.
Which is why I created an all-new program called Blueprints of Destruction: The Three Pillars of Primal Protection.
You see, we’ve been teaching all of the components that make up the pillars of personal protection for decades.
But we’ve never created a system that relies on stringing gross motor skills in sequences.
By that I mean these sequences allow you to use each pillar in a series that give you a more coordinated defense. Because without it, your defense is not as effective.
Until now.
See, my research indicates it takes three injuries to incapacitate an attacker !
Three injuries…hence The Three Pillars of Primal Protection!
Now you can inflict one strike injury, one joint injury and a final injury from a trip or slip… and you walk away because you stopped a bad guy’s attack. (Unless he runs away after one or two injuries…)
Which means any attack gets ended quickly so your exposure to violence plummets.
In other words, the faster you take the other guy down, the safer you and your family are.
Here’s the bottom line…
The Three Pillars of Primal Protection helps you get out of a fight as quickly and efficiently as possible.
See, the problem with most folks is, they know a bunch of individual techniques, like punches, kicks, throws…
…but they don’t know how to move efficiently to string these moves together – while each move “cocks” the next – which creates a world of hurt for an attacker.
Problem solved.
Problem solvedThe principles I teach in this program, (that have taken 20 years to distill), are incredibly valuable to ANY person who doesn’t want to be a victim.
Even if you’re saddled with physical limitations ranging from a bad hip, shoulder or back all the way to not being in shape or overweight, these principles work.
I’ve proven it over the years by training the blind, people with artificial limbs and even someone bound to a wheelchair.
After training tens of thousands of students over the years, there is no physical limitation our training hasn’t got around
In fact one successful student had half an arm!
And the surprise? These principles make each and every technique you already know work even better. So it adds on top of any skills you currently possess.
But I do have to admit, The Three Pillars of Primal Protection could be considered advanced training.
That means you get rare information I guarantee you’ve never seen put together anywhere.
After training tens of thousands of students over the years, there is no physical limitation our training hasn’t got around
That means you get rare information I guarantee you’ve never seen put together anywhere.
So, it’s valuable reference material for any other training you’ll EVER do. ( Including weapons training.)
That said I’ve designed it to be easy to implement the “foundation” level inside of one week.
If you want to effectively defend yourself, you can achieve your goal in about a week at the “foundation” level. (I’ll tell you how in a moment.) Remember, everything you’ll do is already based on moves you’ve hard-wired into your body over your entire life!
But I didn’t stop at the “foundation” level, so you have room to advance your skills , should you desire.
So we created a more difficult “challenge” level and an even more taxing “expert” level so you can grow your skills.
I put the training together that way for a very specific reason.
You see, at each level, the end result will be the same. That’s because you’ll rapidly incapacitate an attacker, and of course reduce your risk to injury.
But by starting at the “foundation” level you get one more stunning benefit. The training at the more difficult “challenge” level MULTIPLIES your effectiveness at the “foundation” level.
And once you master the “challenge” level. it becomes your new base level. Then training at the “expert” level will multiply your effectiveness even more.
That means you can become as proficient as you want to be if you’re the type who values mastery.
Because once you master the “expert” level, you’ll be as capable as most of my instructors around the world!
But again, it’s up to YOU if you want to progress through the levels.

So How Can You Master
The “Foundation” Level in Under a Week?

First, we’ve taken advantage of cutting-edge accelerated learning technology. That means you can learn these principles fast.
The first is small block learning. It chunks the information into small, digestible pieces that speed the learning process.
The initial small block takes you deep into the individual components of striking, leverage and throwing.
The next block shows you what we call “target assembly” showing you, from multiple angles, how to set up each component.
And to wrap up the small blocks, you’ll see “coordination sets.” They’re designed to put all the individual components together in one smooth movement pattern.
So each small building block “baby steps” you through the process. And that makes learning much faster.
Plus we show multiple angles of each move so you’ll understand the principle easier than ever.
Second, since all of the movements are familiar, gross motor skills. You won’t have to train your body to do things that aren’t natural. Now you can use patterns already “hard-wired” into your body. Which means you’ll “get it” even faster.
Finally, these natural movements also mean you’ll “lock in” the training. Now you can avoid all of the practice time required for combat sports.
That means you WILL need to practice the “foundation” level during the first week. (But you’ll have to train less often to stay sharp…)
Watching the videos and the practice takes about an hour for each video. So the time commitment is minimal. (Especially when you see the payoff!)
And if you’ve taken a previous TFT program, such as Foundation Series, even better – because you’ll have more of the movements already “ingrained” in you…
With this newfound ability to string together coordinated injuries and bypass the learning curve/time around that – it’s potentially the most life-saving discovery we’ve ever made or shared.

What You Will Discover In
The Three Pillars of Primal Protection

  • The ONE reason our system works for anyone regardless of the situation , even if you’re someone who struggles with almost anything physical.
  • The three-step process that puts up to 3.5 times your bodyweight into your strikes so you’ll exude striking-power that sucks the will from an attacker. Since your initial strike sets you up for your leverage move, this simple process gives you an unfair advantage during any violent encounter.
  • The surprising reason EVERY throw can be (and is) defined as a ‘trip’ or a ‘slip’. (Focusing on the “flying through the air” part only makes it far more difficult to execute.)
  • Why the often misunderstood concept of “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly” is the key to breakthroughs in movement. ( And, surprisingly, how this translates directly into massive improvements in your ability to stop any predator… dead in his tracks ).
  • The secret sauce we call overrun, overpower, overwhelm that “pre-cocks” your body to mercilessly pound a thug with your final moves. Remember, three injuries and he’s OUT.
  • Four requirements for using leverage like a master-fighter to put the hurt on an attacker. These simple techniques make using leverage very simple to use and easy to access.
  • A surefire way to leverage every joint in the human body. The little-known principle to understanding a joints “pathological limit.” Like magic, you can break the joint with minimal effort. (No strength required!)
  • TFT “coordination sets.” Are they memorized techniques for countering violent situations on the street —OR— movement plans that force you to do what otherwise your body would not, thus expanding your skill set and improving efficiency? ( Why everyone gets this wrong even when they know the answer.)
  • How to immobilize any joint in an attacker’s body so the force you apply goes straight to a major injury. This principle actually makes injury automatic.
  • The “trick” to applying the base engine of striking and using it for devastating, sure-fire throws. This “two-for-one” cuts your learning time to almost nothing.
  • The surprising reason coordination set practice makes you better by slowing you down. (It’s got nothing to do with accuracy or even locking in muscle memory. Those all occur but this ONE reason is unique to coordination sets and TFT practice!)
  • The three-part process for trips and slips that lets physics finish a thug once and for all. Understand this process and that third injury, and your victory, is all but certain.
  • Two ways to change the relationship between an attackers belt buckle and the ground that form the basis of slips and trips. These simple to learn ideas make “throwing” accessible to ANYONE who knows them.
  • Most self-defense systems teach ‘muscling’ a throw (which is why it often fails , and most everyone believes it won’t ever work during the chaos of violence ). Yet set it up like we show you… and now you’re exploiting the fact he’s already off balance and falling. Even your grandmother can throw him from here.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
There’s never been a more complete system for quickly and easily stacking injury, upon injury, upon injury. Even at the easiest of three levels, any criminal who sees you as a “soft target” is in for quite a surprise.
And if you want, you’ll be able to challenge yourself for years. Just move from “foundation” to “challenge” and then to “expert” levels.
In any case, you’ll be ready to defend yourself in under a week.
Plus you’ll have the “Rosetta Stone®” of ALL combat sports. You’ll have secret knowledge that’s hidden from almost all the so-called gurus in combat sports.
There’s so much value in this course for anyone who desires to “take care of business” in today’s violent world.

How Much is Your Safety Worth?

Think about it.
You’re irreplaceable in your family’s eyes.
You’re a provider, leader and the rock so many lean on. If something happened to you, your family would be weaker for it.
And of course, you know your family is priceless too.
They count on you to protect them.
Now you can get the tools to keep you, and your family safe as a bug in a rug.
Our older programs for striking, leverage and throwing go for $197 EACH. That’s over $590 to go deep into each component. But they don’t teach you how to COMBINE each into a smooth running sequence that helps you get the three injuries you need to walk away from an attack!
Blueprints Of Destruction: The Three Pillars of Primal Protection is the NEWEST TFT PRODUCT, and it’s easily worth $397. In fact, if you go to the website right now, that’s what it costs!
But for a limited time, I’m offering you a whale of a deal.
You see, as one of my best customers I want you to own this material. Remember, my goal is always to “make you safer, faster.”
And this is a must-have program if you’re serious about protecting yourself, and your family.
So I’m going to chop down the price so anyone can afford it.
There’s a lot of reasons really – but the main one is that this information has become critical to know in the last several months. We talk about civil unrest and increased crime on the streets and the response delay of our beloved law enforcement officers. 8 months ago we spoke of it in terms of “hoping it never happens”…Well its happening folks. It pains me to say that. There is true suffering out there, and its no longer safe on the streets of the USA.
My way of helping in this insane time is to make this information as accessible to everyone I can. It’s that simple.
I am slashing the price of Blueprints of Destruction to only $97.
But only if you act quickly. We can only put our products on sale a couple times a year.
So if you want this huge discount, (over 75%), NOW is the time to lock it in.
As with all TFT products, you can try it risk-free for an entire year!

My Full Bullet-Proof, No-BS, “I Shoulder All The Risk” 100% Money Back Guarantee…

I want you to experience the transformational feeling that says, “I know how to handle myself, should violence strike.”
While others shorten their guarantees(dropping to 60 or 30 days, and some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not taking it back”)… we made ours LONGER. That’s right. TFT Video Courses are guaranteed for an entire year.
The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of keeping one eye glued to the calendar.

This is more than a guarantee. It’s my personal promise to you!

I trust you to do the right thing with this Program, just as I know you trust me. I think that’s the fair thing to do.

Ready to get started?
Well, before you do, I’ve put together an exceptional group of free bonuses that will only be available as a group while this discount is running…

AND…As a Limited Time Offer: Get These BONUS
Materials… FREE!

FREE BONUS #1: The Digital TFT Strike Chart
Value = $14.97
A 2’ x 3’ master target list in digital format (something you can carry anywhere with you) identifies the 73 weak areas of the body you can strike and exploit to your ultimate advantage.
Because this new Three Pillars video program will have you striking many new sequences of targets than in our previous programs, you’ll find yourself referring to this chart often.
If you already own one, now you’ll have another to put anywhere you want!

FREE BONUS #2: The Digital TFT Manifesto:
Origins And Intentions
Value = $49.00

Here, for the first time ever, I tell my unedited personal story of how Target Focus Training got started. It takes you back to my SEAL training days (where I was medically-discharged due to a diving accident) to becoming an intelligence officer. Then training SEAL teams in hand-to-hand combat. Plus many, many more details— previously unrevealed— all the way up to today.
And, at the end, I give you the purest explanation possible of TFT’s 2 overriding principles and the 3 methodologies that support them.
This is a must-read for every practitioner of TFT and has never been available before!

FREE BONUS #3: Effectiveness of Slow Training —
Digital Whitepaper
Value = $17.00

All of the scientific proof that shows how slow training helps you internalize the training faster! This short paper gives you a fascinating look into one of our accelerated learning techniques.
Written by an engineer who validates the science behind our training methods. This bonus white paper breaks down the entire method we use for accelerated learning.
And once you understand it, you can use it for a variety of training needs … with anything!
Including this special final bonus

Yes, Tim – I’m excited to get my hands on this program!

To your continued personal safety,
P.S. Don’t forget, the The Three Pillars of Primal Protection is our newest training set yet. Within one week, I promise you can effectively defend yourself and disable your attacker. But only if you spend about an hour a night watching the lessons and completing your drills.
This program is simple. Why? Because it relies on hard-wired movements your body has repeated thousands upon thousands of times. It works even if you have physical limitations, like arthritis, a bum leg; you’re overweight or out of shape. The fact is any physical limitations get neutralized with these principles. But it won’t work if you don’t want to put in a few hours of focused attention.

material. You’ll own the “Rosetta Stone®” of combat arts. Meaning you’ll know more about the dynamics of combat sports than 99% of people on Earth. And at over 75% off, that’s a massive bargain!

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