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2 decades of research, testing, and improving

the program chosen by the us navy seals, customs and border patrol, law enforcement, celebrities, executives, and countless private citizens all over the world...has led to:

50 Hours of training, strategically divided up into 3 courses...

the program can be completed fast or slow, over weeks, months or years without losing it's effectiveness or lethality...

the course structure is designed to provide life-saving self-protection skills from hour #1 - skills you can use as soon as you walk out the door of the facility...

completing all three courses gives you a higher level of understanding of what it takes to completely destroy an attacker!

Guarantee Your Spot At Upcoming Human Weapon Project Events:

About Hwp1

Human Weapon Project 1

Ultimate Concealed Carry

About Hwp2

Human Weapon Project 2

Weapons And Vectors

About Hwp3

Human Weapon Project 3

Arsenals And Assemblies

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    Human Weapon Project


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    Human Weapon Project


    Original price was: $2,497.00.Current price is: $1,997.00.
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    Human Weapon Project


    Original price was: $2,497.00.Current price is: $1,997.00.

You Have My Personal Guarantee….

There’s NO ONE offering live self-defense training who has ever dared match this guarantee!

Important Information About Human Weapon Project Events

Each class day starts at 9:00 am and ends between 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
World class instructors teach every class assisted by members of the TFT Instructor program providing you with an individualized learning experience that exceeds expectations.
World class instructors teach every class assisted by members of the TFT Instructor program providing you with an individualized learning experience that exceeds expectations.
Attendance is generally limited to just 40-50 new participants in each class depending on location. TFT Instructor program participants often will be in attendance and actually work with you on the mats during portions of each class. It’s a huge learning experience for you, and one totally unique to TFT.
To receive the maximum benefit from this training (and to assure your training partner does, too) you must have at least a base-level of cardiovascular fitness and balance before attending. This training requires you be up-and-down (from standing to sitting or laying down) on the mats… a lot. While it’s done in a slow, controlled environment, you need sufficient conditioning to work through 2 full days of this.
What to wear: Please wear long pants like loose fitting jeans or cargo pants (these are tough and let you grip them without tearing). No stretch pants, spandex or yoga pants, please. For the top, it is preferred that you wear a plain white T-shirt for each day. Designs on the shirt are okay as long as it is nothing offensive or bright. While on the mats you won’t need shoes. But you will need Black Socks (example). We will allow you to use Indoor Mat Shoes, that have never been worn outside and are specifically designed for mat work. See an example of a mat shoe here.
Please note that having any of the following medical/health issues prohibits you from participating in a regular live training seminar:
  • Taking prescription pain medication, blood thinners or any medication that causes drowsiness and/or affects coordination
  • Currently involved with physical therapy for spinal issues or other injuries that could be aggravated during class
  • Any major cardiovascular or spinal surgeries in the last 5 years
  • Vertigo and other chronic, uncorrectable balance issues (ex. use of cane for walking)
  • Injuries or body weight that impairs you physically or limits your mobility
  • Daily O2 therapy
  • Pregnancy
Participants must be 18 years or older because Target Focus Training deals with lethal force and its application to real-world violence it is not appropriate for children. As an alternative until your child turns 18, many local martial arts or combat sports gyms offer kids’ classes that address self-defense.
It’s always great to share a live training experience with a family member, friend, or co-worker. Now you can do that easier with our new pricing options. Bring someone along with you and receive discounts on both of your tickets. The pricing for additional tickets is displayed above for each location! Save money by not attending alone!
Due to the high demand for our seminars, tuition is nonrefundable but there is no expiration. If for any reason you must cancel and re-schedule, you may do so, 1-time, at no additional cost… even if the tuition for that future training class is higher. Should you need to re-schedule a second or subsequent time, the cost for each is $250.
It’s the goal of Target Focus Training Live to maintain a class ratio of 10:1. Meaning that for every 10 attendees, there is 1 instructor.
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All purchased TFT course access is now being provided on the Prot3ct platform. If you are looking for your purchased courses, please make sure you migrate your account or contact support if you need more assistance.

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