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Leg Dynamics

While I’ve long said that strength and conditioning aren’t the critical elements in a violent confrontation, all things being equal… you’re much better off with a solid foundation.

The TFT Leg Dynamics video below gives you this.

By following this simple exercise series you can dramatically enhance your striking power, significantly improve your stability & balance, and dynamically improve your reaction time… which gives you another edge to help guarantee you walk away the victor.

In all my years teaching this system, I’ve found this is the ONE set of exercises that enables you to develop maximum “TFT-specific” strength.

Which is why our entire instructor staff practices these religiously.

You can do them in as little as 7 minutes of practice a day… with NO special equipment required.

Plan to spend a little time with it and watch the impact it will have on your practice.

Train well,

Tim Larkin

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